A Board to be renewed

The first Board of Amussef has been appointed until the meeting set to approve the 2020 accounts. However, we felt it appropriate to launch now a call for applications in order to renew at the meeting next June all the members of the board : president, vice-president, treasurer, webmaster, secretary.

If you are willing to get involved in this great project and to help make it successful, do not hesitate and send an email to contact@amussef.org

Fees for the year 2020

The 2020 fees are: active member € 50; donor € 100; benefactor € 300; patron 1000 €; founder € 10,000; sponsor € 50,000; Maimonides circle 100.000 € +

Send your support by clicking on https://amussef.org/en/subscribe/


The great pioneering donors will be members of the Maimonides Circle and will have pledges of recognition, including the possibility of giving their name to a room of the museum, or even to the museum itself as anchor donors.

If you pay taxes in France, your donation costs you only a third of what you pay, or even a quarter if you are subject to the IFI (via the France-Israel Foundation).

Taxpayers of Germany, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Switzerland and the United States can also get tax benefits. Details on https://amussef.org/en/subscribe/


The Amussef team wishes you a great 2020, hoping that this year will see the take-off of our long-awaited big project. This requires an acceleration of collection with many donors large as well as small. So don’t wait to send your 2020 membership fee and talk to your friends.

Thank you in advance.

                                                    Hubert Lévy-Lambert, chairman

Click here to get more details on the project

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