Paris, June 5 2020

Dear Friends,

Are you one of the last witnesses of the dramatic ordeal suffered by the Sephardic, Mediterranean and Eastern communities in the middle of the last century? Or did your parents or grandparents or close friends tell you about it? Do you just think it should be known to the public and serve as an example? 

Help us keep this story alive and help us raise funds for Mussef.

You can contribute to the richness of a big History, perhaps your own history. You can help give a new impetus to a memory that has to be nurtured in order to illuminate the future. 

The project of MUSSEF, the museum of living memory of Jewish communities in the Sephardic, Mediterranean and Eastern world, needs your contribution to keep alive a unique culture with its perennial values of respect, tolerance and diversity.


MUSSEF: an indispensable and unique museum dedicated to the vivid memory of Jewish communities in the Sephardic, Mediterranean and Eastern world, to be located hopefully in a magnificent building in the center of Paris, la ville-lumière ! See details about this big project

Because we must do justice to the history and suffering of the exiled Jews of the Sephardic, Mediterranean and Eastern world, and because this history and its consequences are in danger of being forgotten, we have a responsibility to revive this memory.

As a tribute to them, and to all that they have lost, to the resilience, tolerance and openness they have shown, as a tribute to future generations who must know where they come from… we must not forget: the unique project of MUSSEF is absolutely essential.

To help revive the memory of the history and culture of the exiled Jewish communities of the Sephardic, Mediterranean and Eastern world, help us bring MUSSEF to life!  


This story has never been the subject of a real place of remembrance and risks falling into oblivion at a time when even the youngest of the exiles are coming to the end of their lives.

These uprootings are an integral part of the experience of every Sephardic, Mediterranean and Eastern Jew. They must be reported to present and future generations worlwide, to Jews as well as to Christians and Muslims, showing not only the plundering and suffering endured by exiles but also their resilience and their capacity to integrate into their host countries while retaining part of their identity and culture.

Whether you are a taxpayer in Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland or the USA or elsewhere, you can make a safe donation through Fondation France Israel or through our corresponding local Foundations and you may be entitled to tax benefits (to be sure, check with your tax consultant). 


I thank you in advance and wish you health and prosperity for you and your family.

 Hubert Lévy-Lambert, Chairman

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