Less than a year after the constituent meeting of November 26, 2018, the Mussef project is progressing rapidly, both in terms of its content and of its funding:

– A Scientific and Cultural Project, “the Mussef for whom, for what, how”, supervised by the Scientific Committee, is online on
– A proposed museum tour in 7 galleries, from Genesis to Exodus Times, prepared by Avesta museographs, is online at
– Our bid for a long term lease in a 4,000 sqm building 57 rue de Babylone (Paris 7) has been preselected by the Ile de France Region and we have recently been auditioned by them,
– A prefiguration of the Mussef is in preparation for the spring of 2020 with an exhibition currently at the museum of Eretz Israel on the Exile of the Jews from Arab countries,
– A worldwide fundraising campaign is underway to raise € 15 million ($ 16.5) over 3 years in various countries,
– The Maimonides Circle will be a meeting place for the great pioneer donors and give them recognition pledges, including the possibility of giving their name to a room of the Mussef,
American Friends of the Mussef Charitable Fund has just been launched to allow US citizens to make gifts to Mussef and get the appropriate tax benefits,
– Likewise for Canadian taxpayers with the KBF Canada Foundation,
– A request for accreditation is underway with Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) to enable Europeans to have tax benefits according to their country, as they do in France,
– The first fundraising meetings are being prepared in Paris, Brussels, Geneva and Singapore.

The 2019 fees are: active member € 50; donor € 100; benefactor € 300; patron € 1000; founder € 10,000; sponsor € 50,000; Maimonides circle € 100.000+

Click the subscription page to send your support to Amussef and get tax benefits according to your country of residence if applicable.

Thank you in advance.
Hubert Lévy-Lambert, Chairman

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