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The Museum of the Sephardic World (MUSSEF) is progressing well despite the crisis that is sweeping the world. We hope to be able to make it a pre-opening before the end of the year in the center of Paris, with your help.

The Mussef aims to recall the history of the Jewish communities that once lived in Mediterranean and Eastern countries. This long history has never been the subject of a true place of remembrance. It risks falling into oblivion at a time when even the youngest of the exiles are nearing the end of their lives. Yet it is an integral part of the experience of every Sephardic, Mediterranean and Eastern Jew. It must be told to present and future generations, Jews as well as Christians or Muslims.

MUSSEF has made it its duty to maintain the memory of the Jews of the Sephardic, Mediterranean and Eastern world, exiled in the middle of the last century. Its raison d’être is to do justice to their history and their suffering and to make it a universal example of openness and tolerance.

To help revive the memory of the history and culture of the exiled Jewish communities of the Sephardic, Mediterranean and Eastern worlds, help us bring MUSSEF to life! Make a donation

You can be an Active member with 50 €; Donor 100 € ; Benefactor 300 € ; Patron 1000 € ; Founder 10,000 €; Sponsor 50,000 € ; Maimonide Circle 100,000 +

Whether you pay taxes in Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland or the United States, you may get tax benefits by donating to Amussef.

Are you one of the last witnesses to this ordeal suffered by the Sephardic, Mediterranean and Eastern communities in the middle of the last century? Or did your parents or grandparents or close friends tell you about it? Do you think it should be known to the general public and serve as an example? Help us keep this story alive!

Don’t wait and click!

I thank you in advance and wish you well and prosperity for you and your family.

Hubert Lévy-Lambert, Chairman


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